How do I download my product?

Immediately following your purchase, an order confirmation bar appears on the checkout screen. Below the confirmation bar will be an option to download. You can also download your purchase from the Downloads page or Orders page when logged into your Marquee account.

Where do I find the license key that applies to my purchase?

You can find the license key number on your order receipt under Your License Keys. If the license key number is missing from your receipt, you can also find the license key number that applies to an order by going to your Orders page.

At that point, click on the order number, scroll down to order details to view your purchases corresponding license key number. If the license key number is missing from both the receipt and Orders page, please contact our support staff and we will update your account.

How do I set up my shop?

Once your registration is completed, you will be able to set up your shop using our Quick Setup Wizard or directly from your seller dashboard using the steps provided below.

Setting up your storefront

Click Storefront under Store Settings. From there, you will be able to configure your store information, upload a shop banner, and store logo. Only your store name, product description, and buyer notes will be made public.

Please note that you do not need to provide your phone number or address when filling out this section, as we will not contact you by phone or by physical mail. If you choose to include social media links, please make sure they are solely to promote your products or brand. Personal social media accounts are not permitted.

Setting up your payout information

Set up your payment method for payout by clicking Billing under Store Settings. Please note that until you select a payment payout method, you will not be able to request or receive a payout. At this time, we only offer Stripe Connect and Paypal Payout.

When you begin using the setup wizard, you will be directed to the store setup section. Here you will be asked to enter your store information. All other fields are optional with the exception of your store name. Once you complete this section, you will be asked to enter your payment method to receive your commission payout. At this time, we only offer Stripe Connect and Paypal Payout.

Once the basic store settings and payment method have been set, you will be prompted to create a new product. Furthermore, you will be presented the option to finish customizing your store, which we recommend doing.

Upload a shop banner and store logo

If you choose to customize your store, a shop banner and store logo are great ways to showcase who you are when customers visit your shop profile. You can upload by going to your dashboard, selecting Store Settings, then clicking Storefront. From there, click Upload Cover Picture and choose your banner image. You can also add your store logo by clicking on Store Logo and adding your logo image. After the files have been uploads, click Save Options to make your banner and store logo live.

Here are our upload parameters for both your banner and store logo:

Banner must be 1200 x 390 px

Store logo must be least 100 x 100 px

We accept PNG, JPG and GIF files

Banner and store logo must be less than 6 MB in size

How do I add and edit my products?

How to add a product

You can add a single product or multiple products from your vendor dashboard. To add a single product, you can do so by either selecting Add Product under the Product Manager menu, or by clicking Add Product at the top corner of the vendor dashboard page. Once you have completed the process, make sure to click Submit to send the product out for review.

Make sure to add/upload content to the following required fields (product title, product description, regular price, product category, downloadable files, product image) to ensure product approval. Take a look at some best practices below that can help your product stand out on Marquee.

1. Adding a product title

We suggest aligning your product name with the product you are selling to customers.

2. Adding a product short description

Though not a required field, you can add a short description to your product page. The short description will appear right below the product name on the product page. We suggest keeping your short description less than 50 words. Make sure to provide enough context for your customers to understand what your product offers.

3. Adding a product description

We suggest making your product description easy to understand. Describe what items are included. We also recommend noting what software requirements are needed in addition to filling out your “Compatible with” specifications under custom product attributes.

4. Uploading a product image

Your product image size should be a minimum of 910 x 607 pixels, though we recommend 1820 x 1214 pixels. To avoid your product not being approved, we ask that you do not include product images with references to other design marketplaces.

5. Uploading additional product images

We suggest adding additional images to showcase your product and help customers make a decision on whether or not your product is the right fit for their project. Make sure to maintain the same size requirements as the main product image.

6. Pricing your product

We do not offer any insight on pricing but encourage you to price your item in a way that you feel compensates you for your time, effort and expertise.

7. Adding additional information

Including additional product specifications can prove key for customers when they search or filter for products with specific features that fit their project needs.

8. Ensuring a product file is downloadable

Make sure to check the downloadable box to ensure that customers can download your product once purchased.

9. Uploading a downloadable file

Make sure the downloadable file includes all editable files, readme documents, product guides, PDF guide files, etc. for the customer to download. Please note that all folder(s) and file name(s) should not include any special characters, such as &,!,*,^.$ as this can cause issues for Window users. All readme documents, product guides, PDF guides must not include references to other design marketplaces.

10. Adding a product category

Be sure to categorize your product correctly. We want to eliminate any customer confusion or potentially misleading purchases, and provide the best customer experience as possible.

11. Adding a product tag

Type in relevant product tags. You can either type them in individually by hitting enter between each tag or you can use commas to separate each tag.

12. Submitting for review

When you are finished setting up your product listing, make sure to click Submit. If you need more time later to finish setting up your product listing, click Draft and continue setting up your product listing when you are ready.

How to edit a product

To edit  a product, go to the Product Manager menu on your vendor dashboard and click All Products. Find the product you want to edit and click on the edit icon. Once completed, click submit for review.

How do I register as a vendor if I already have an customer account?

Whether you have mistakenly created a customer account while attempting to register as a vendor or you’re currently a customer who recently has been approved to create a shop on Marquee, you will not be allowed to complete registration using the vendor registration process that we email to you upon approval. To register your account, you will need to contact us at [email protected] using the Subject Line: Vendor Registration Setup.

Please provide your Shop Name, current Username, and Email Address assigned to your customer account. Please allow us up to 1 business day to register your vendor account. Once your vendor account is registered, we will contact you through email with confirmation and next steps.

Please note that your vendor account by default will be set to our Free Plan. You will be able to upgrade if necessary through your vendor dashboard.

How do I change or reset my password?

Changing your password

When you are logged in, you can change your password by selecting Account Details on your account dashboard. You will need to enter your account information (name, email address and username) and current password before you are able to change your password. Once completed, save your changes.

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, or can’t log into your account, you can reset your password by clicking “Lost Password” on the login page. Please note that you will need to use the username or email address you used to register the account. For security reasons we are unable to manually generate a new password for you or change your email address. Enter your email address and then click “Reset Password”. An email will be sent to the address you supplied if that email is registered to an account in our system. Check your email for the link to reset your password.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support at [email protected]. Please allow us up to 24 hours to respond to your inquiry.