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5 Free Google Font Pairs

Abril Fatface & Montserrat Abril Fatface and Montserrat are a sans serif and serif combination that really creates a nice contrast creating a bold yet elegant look that would work well with both print and digital designs. The great thing about this pair is its versatility and I believe that pairing them together will bring ... read more

Must Haves: 5 Script Fonts Into 2022

Vemina by Afkaristudio Vemina is a handwritten monoline script font with natural movement, which gives it an elegant signature style. This font is suitable for any branding projects, logo designs, wedding designs, social media posts, product packaging, product designs, advertisements, invitations, stationery and much more. Download Dating by Twinletter Dating is a handwritten font designed  ... read more

Why Font Selection Is So Important To Branding

Feeling a bit flustered when trying to choose the right font for your brand? I get how you're feeling, it's one of the most important decisions you'll make when creating your visual identity. But I bet at some point while reading this you asked yourself, why should I care so much about the font I ... read more

Must Haves: 5 Fresh Fonts into 2022

Agharti by That That Creative Agharti is a bold condensed display typeface that features lowercase letters that reach the cap height. The typeface is legible with good contrast lending personality to your work without sacrificing a strong even presence. Agharti is perfect for modern logos, contemporary web design, or print headlines. Download Sajola by Twinletter ... read more

Hanno: Modern, Minimum, Easy to Read

Hanno! A great font that blends the past and present perfectly. Hanno is a simplistic, geometric Mid Century Modern sans serif typeface. Super minimalistic, with tall X-height lends Hanno a clean, evocative quality. It's easy to use and versatile, and excellent for any creative project. We see Hanno advertising anywhere that requires a cool aesthetic. ... read more